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Peace Treaties of Westphalia (October 14/24, 1648)*

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§87. [Liberties of the Prince-bishops of Strasbourg and Basel.] The Most Christian King shall be bound to leave not only the bishops of Strasbourg and Basel with the city of Strasbourg but also the other estates or orders in the one and the other Alsace (52) that depend immediately upon the [Holy] Roman Empire [ . . . ] in the same liberty and possession of the immediacy of the Empire they have enjoyed up to now, in such a way that he cannot pretend any royal superiority over them. (53) [ . . . ]

88. [French Compensation to the Habsburg Ruler.] Likewise the most Christian King, in compensation for the things made over to him, shall pay the said archduke, Ferdinand Charles, three million French livres on St. John the Baptist’s Day [24/14 June] in the following years: 1649, 1650, 1651, [that is] paying each year one third each of the said sum at Basel in good money to the archduke or his deputies. [ . . . ]

(52) Upper and Lower Alsace.
(53) That is, the emperor may not usurp their rights as estates of the Empire.

Source of English translation: Die Westfälischen Friedensverträge vom 24.Oktober 1648. Texte und Übersetzungen (Acta Pacis Westphalicae. Supplementa electronica, 1), © Aschendorff Verlag/Münster and the “Vereinigung zur Erforschung der Neueren Geschichte e.V.” This translation was edited by Julie K. Tanaka and Thomas A. Brady Jr. with the help of the English text in The Thirty Years War: A Documentary History, edited and translated by Tryntje Helfferich. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2009, pp. 252-73, no. 36. Descriptive titles and summarized passages have been added in italics and square brackets.

Source of original Latin text: Instrumenta Pacis Westphalicae. Die Westfälischen Friedensverträge 1648. Vollständiger lateinischer Text mit Übersetzung der wichtigeren Teile und Regesten, ed. Konrad Müller, 2nd ed. Bern and Frankfurt: Lang, 1975, pp. 11-97.

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