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Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States on the Economic Fusion of their Respective Zones (December 2, 1946)

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5. Basis of Economic Planning
The aim of the two Governments is the achievement by the end of 1949 of a self-sustaining economy for the area.

6. Sharing of Financial Responsibility
Subject to the provision of the necessary appropriations, the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom will become responsible on an equal basis for costs of approved imports brought into account after 31st December, 1946 (including stocks on hand financed by the respective Governments), in so far as those cannot be paid for from other sources, in accordance with the following provisions:—

a) For this purpose the imports of the area shall be divided into two categories: those imports required to prevent disease and unrest (Category A), which are financed in decreasing amounts by appropriated funds; and those further imports (including raw materials), however financed, which will be required if the economic state of the area is to recover to an extent sufficient to achieve the aim laid down in paragraph 5 of this Agreement (Category B).

b) It is the intention of the two Governments that the full cost of Category A imports shall be defrayed as soon as possible, subject to sub-paragraph (C) below, from the proceeds of exports. Any portion of the cost of Category A imports which is not met by export proceeds will be defrayed by the two Governments in equal shares from appropriated funds.

c) The proceeds of exports from the area shall be collected by the joint Export-Import Agency and shall be used primarily for the provision of Category B imports until there is a surplus of export proceeds over the cost of these imports.

d) In order to provide funds to procure Category B imports:—
1. The Government of the United Kingdom will make available to Joint Export-Import Agency the sum of 29,300,000 dollars in settlement of the understanding reached in September 1945, for the pooling of the proceeds of exports from the two Zones in proportion to import expenditures, which shall be credited to the United States contribution.

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