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Imperial Press Law (May 7, 1874)

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II. Press Regulations

§ 6. Any printed matter appearing under the purview of this law must indicate the printer’s name and place of residence and, if it is intended for the book trade or other types of dissemination, the publisher’s name and place of residence, or – if the printed matter will be self-marketed – the name of the author or editor. In place of the name of the printer or publisher, details included in the company’s entry in the commercial register will suffice.

The only exception to this regulation is printed matter serving the purposes of business and commerce, domestic and social life, such as: forms, price tags, business cards and the like, as well as ballots for public elections, provided they do not contain anything aside from the purpose, time, and place of the election, and the names of the persons to be elected.

§ 7. Newspapers and journals published monthly or more frequently, even those published in irregular installments (periodical publications as defined for the purpose of this law), also have to indicate the name and place of residence of the commissioning editor on each issue, piece, or number.

The designation of multiple persons as commissioning editors is admissible only if the form and content of the designation makes clear which portion of the text each of the designated persons edited.

§ 8. Commissioning editors of periodical publications can only be persons who have the right of disposal, who possess civil rights, and who make their home or maintain their usual abode in the German Reich.

§ 9. As soon as distribution or dispatch commences, the publisher is obliged to deliver one free copy of each issue (number, piece) to the local police authority in the place of distribution, whereupon a receipt will be issued to the publisher immediately.

This regulation does not apply to publications exclusively serving the purposes of the sciences, the arts, business, or industry.

§ 10. The commissioning editor of a periodical publication that accepts advertisements is obliged to include, upon request and in exchange for payment at the usual advertising rate, any official announcements conveyed to him by the public authorities in one of the next two issues.

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