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Statistical Report on the "Final Solution," known as the Korherr Report (March 23, 1943)

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Moreover, until most recently, statistics – partly out of statistical necessity, partly because of the nearly complete overlap between the Jewish faith and Jewish race, partly out of ignorance about the idea of race, partly of out adherence to the religious thinking of a given time – have almost never recorded the Jews according to their race, but instead according to their religious confession. The statistical recording of race presupposes many years of training [on the part of the researcher] as well as ancestral research. Another reason why it proved difficult, especially in southern and eastern countries, was that in spite of all overlapping, a uniform Jewish race was difficult to delineate statistically. Profession of the Mosaic or Israelite faith is, once again, not completely valid proof, because as a result of the former Jewish missionary movement, with its admission of masses of pagans and Christians, and through the defection into Judaism through mixed marriages and "conversion" in recent times, there is no small number of religious Jews who are not of the Jewish race, while, conversely, forced Christianization and the number of baptized Jews, which has risen again sharply during the last century, and the number of non-confessional racial Jews, have reduced the number of Jews. For example, in 1893 Leroy-Beaulieu estimated the number of Jews lost to Christianity at about four to ten times the number of Judaism’s present-day adherents; according to Maurice Fishberg and Mathias Mieses, three times the current number of Jews was absorbed into Aryan Europe. Even Hans Günther estimates the number of Jews in Germany at twice the number of Jews of the Mosaic faith who are German citizens. Finally, the Lithuanian Jew Brutzkus goes so far as to describe the Berlin Jews, with respect to the composition of their blood, as purer Europeans than the Germans in Berlin.

In keeping with these views, the number of racial Jews in Europe, including Mischlinge, has often been pegged at three times the number of religious Jews (in Eastern Europe twice as high, in Central Europe four times as high, in the rest of Europe even eight times as high), reckoning that 6% of the European population has some degree of Jewish blood. By contrast, in his estimate, Burgdörfer put the number of Jews in Germany in 1933 at 850,000 full, half, and quarter Jews (with 502,799 religious Jews); for Austria in 1934 at 300-400,000 (with 191,481 religious Jews). The counting of racial Jews in the German census of 1939 yielded – with 307,614 religious Jews – only a somewhat higher number of 330,892 full Jews, 72,738 half Jews, and 42,811 quarter Jews, though these numbers cannot be seen as reliable especially with respect to half and quarter Jews. The numbers can be evaluated only as minimum numbers. They were generated by the question, "Was or is one of your four grandparents fully Jewish?” The question was listed on a "supplemental card" to the household list for the census of 1939 and had to be answered with "yes" or "no" for each grandparent. Since this supplemental card had to be submitted in a sealed envelope and was therefore not subject to control on the spot, it was poorly filled out. Many times, instead of an answer, only marks appeared in the corresponding boxes.

The first official attempt to count the Jews according to their race was immediately sabotaged by the Jews. It happened in the Austrian census of March 7, 1923. Shortly before the census, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Frank (Großdeutsche Volkspartei [Greater German People’s Party]) signed a decree according to which the answer to question 7 of the census form (language) should "also include ethnic membership [Volkszugehörigkeit] and race." Since the census forms had already been printed, this was merely pointed out in a red notice slip without explanation, instruction, or examples. The way the Austrian Jews sabotaged this question is as follows: immediately before the census, the Jewish-Marxist press called upon its readers to answer the question about race with "white." The result was that the "white race was found throughout Austria about as far as the sphere of influence of the Jewish-Marxist press and parties extended." Only in Carinthia and the Burgenland was the preparation of the material carried out, albeit with rather questionable results; in the other states, and especially in Vienna, it was abandoned as pointless.

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