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Second Execution Order to the Law on the Hitler Youth ("Youth Service Regulation") (March 25, 1939)

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§ 6
German Subjects of Non-German National Origin
(1) Juveniles of German citizenship, whose parents or father belong according to their own statement to the Danish or Polish ethnic groups, are to be exempted from membership in the Hitler Youth on request of those who are charged with their care. If several persons have the right and duty to care for the juvenile person, and not everyone of them makes the request, the juvenile may be exempted from membership in the Hitler Youth on request of those who are charged with their care, if the mother belongs according to her own statement to the Danish or Polish racial groups; they are to be exempted if the guardian agrees to the request.

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§ 7
Racial Requirements
Jews (Article 5 of the 1st proclamation to the law of Reich citizenship of 14 November 1935, RGBl I, page 1333) are excluded from the membership of the Hitler Youth.

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§ 9
Registration and Induction
(1) All juveniles are to be registered with the respective Hitler Youth, leader for induction into the Hitler Youth before 15 March of the calendar year during which they complete their 10th year of age. If a juvenile fulfills the conditions for acceptance into the Hitler Youth (for instance release from official custody, receipt of citizenship, permanent residence in the German Reich) after this time, the juvenile is to be registered within one month after fulfillment of the conditions named.
(2) The legal representative of the Juvenile is liable for the registration.

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§ 12
Punitive Regulation
(1) A legal guardian will be punished with a fine up to 150 marks or with confinement if he intentionally acts against the provisions of Article 9 of this law.
(2) Whoever malevolently prevents or attempts to prevent a juvenile from serving in the Hitler Youth, will be punished with prison and fine, or with one of these punishments.
(3) Legal punitive action will only be taken on request of the youth leader of the German Reich. The request can be withdrawn.
(4) Juveniles can be forced by the respective local authorities, to fulfill the duties with which they are charged on the basis of this law, and of the implementative regulations issued for it.

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Berlin, 25 March 1939

The Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor
Adolf Hitler

The Deputy of the Fuehrer
R. Hess

The Reich Minister and Chief of the Reich Chancellery
Dr. Lammers

Source of English translation: Second Execution Order to the Law on the Hitler Youth (Youth Service Regulation) of 25 March 1939. In United States Chief Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality, Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol. IV. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office, 1946. Document 1409-PS through 2373-PS. Document 2115-PS, pp. 744-51. (English translation accredited to Nuremberg staff.)

Source of original German text: Reichsgesetzblatt I, March 25, 1939, p. 710; reprinted in Paul-Meier Benneckenstein, ed., Dokumente der deutschen Politik. Volume 7, Part II: Das Werden des Reiches 1939, edited by Hans Volz. Berlin, 1940, p. 794, pp. 796-97.

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