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The Politburo Gets Briefed (September 15, 1987)

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Comrade Erich Honecker made reference to:

– the inviolability of borders and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states in Europe within their present borders as a fundamental condition for peace;

– the necessity of strict adherence to the central idea of the Basic Treaty, according to which the two German states respect their mutual independence and autonomy in domestic and foreign affairs.

The FRG had to reconfirm its commitment to the Basic Treaty and the Joint Declaration of March 12, 1985, and assure its compliance with agreements made with the GDR. On this basis, it was possible to reach an agreement on further steps toward normalizing relations. The preconditions for further progress in policies on coexistence and dialogue were improved considerably.

Concrete results of the visit:

– The CDU/CSU/FDP government coalition consented to work on establishing official contacts between the Volkskammer and the Bundestag;

– Three treaties and agreements were concluded on issues concerning environmental protection, research and technology, and radiation protection. In the area of environmental protection, it was agreed that both sides would name and comment on feasible projects;

– It was agreed that short-term talks on creating a mixed commission for the further development of economic relations would be conducted;

– It was agreed that economic cooperation between combines [Kombinate] and foreign trade companies in the GDR and companies in the FRG should be further developed and that, in doing so, forms of cooperation such as collaborative efforts in the exportation of installations and equipment, particularly to third markets, and in the production of goods by West German companies in the GDR [Gestattungsproduktion]*, should be more strongly developed;

– It was agreed that short-term negotiations will be initiated in order to settle upon regulations and agreements on expanding and electrifying railroad lines in transit traffic between the FRG and Berlin (West);

– It was agreed that talks should be started as soon as possible with respect to the fundamental reconstruction and/or extension of sections of the Autobahn, especially in transit traffic between the FRG and Berlin (West); talks are to begin on short notice regarding a possible further extension to keep the Staaken border-crossing open beyond December 21, 1987.

The German term "Gestattungsproduktion" literally refers to the fact that West German companies were "allowed" [gestattet] to produce goods in the GDR – eds.

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