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Agreement between the GDR and Vietnam on the Importation of Contract Labor (April 11, 1980)

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Article 7

(1) As a rule, enterprises of the German Democratic Republic shall employ Vietnamese workers in groups of at least fifty people.

(2) Suitable Vietnamese workers shall be employed in the enterprises as group leaders; these group leaders are to be named by the authorized representative of the Vietnamese signatory to the agreement and the authorized representative of the manager of the enterprise. Group leaders are subject to the same labor regulations as other Vietnamese workers. The group leaders are especially responsible for promoting close cooperation between the group of Vietnamese workers and the enterprise manager, for exerting an [positive] influence on the completion of work-related tasks and on the maintenance of work discipline, and for organizing political and cultural activities within the group of Vietnamese workers. [ . . . ]

Article 8

(1) As a rule, the Vietnamese workers shall be housed in group accommodations whose furnishings are comparable to those of dormitories for the workers of the German Democratic Republic. [ . . . ]

Source: “Abkommen zwischen der Regierung der DDR und der Regierung der Sozialistischen Republik Vietnam über die zeitweilige Beschäftigung und Qualifizierung vietnamesischer Werktätiger in Betrieben der DDR” [“Agreement between the Government of the German Democratic Republic and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the Temporary Employment and Training of Vietnamese Workers in the Enterprises of the GDR”], in Federal Government Commissioner for the Concerns of Foreigners, ed., Die ausländischen Vertragsarbeiter in der ehemaligen DDR [Foreign Contract Laborers in the Former GDR]. Berlin, 1996, p. 83ff.

Translation: Allison Brown

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