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Social Insurance for the Lower Middle Class: Friedrich Sthamer’s Report on the First Reading of the Insurance Law for Clerical Employees in the Bundesrat (1911)

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Concerning the insurance companies, it was explained at the outset that the Ministry of the Interior would reserve the right to develop a new draft law, since the suggested changes made so far do not seem to be sufficient, and also have not yet been distributed to the state insurance commission. An excursive discussion resulted in the Ministry of the Interior declaring itself willing to grant the wishes of the delegation from Hamburg, in particular to give a justification for the suggestions of the second reading, which would impart consequences to the judgment.

The second reading of the law will presumably take place sometime between the 4th and 6th of April. It is still uncertain whether the version of the law passed in the plenary session will follow immediately, possibly on the 8th of April. In any case, the law should be introduced to the Reichstag by the beginning of May at the latest.

Sthamer’s report then focuses on the details of the consultations.

Source: Staatsarchiv Hamburg 132-1 I Senatskommission für die Reichs- und auswärtigen Angelegenheiten I, 77 Band 8 [State Archives, Hamburg, 132-1 I Senate Commission for Imperial and Foreign Affairs I 77, vol. 8].

Original German text reprinted in Hans Fenske, ed., Quellen zur deutschen Innenpolitik 1890-1914 [Sources on German Domestic Politics 1890-1914]. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1991, pp. 395-97.

Translation: Richard Pettit

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