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Images - Politics I: Forging an Empire
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41.   "Imperial Days" in Dresden: Kaiser Wilhelm I Visits a Provincial Capital (September 14, 1882)
Reinforcing the idea of the new empire as a voluntary union of princes, not something based on the will of the people, required the “performance” of monarchical rule by Kaiser Wilhelm I – above all....
42.   Interior of the Reichstag (1872)
In March 1871, the first session of the new German Reichstag convened in the building occupied by the Prussian House of Deputies at Leipziger Straße 75. The bad acoustics, lack of air, and cramped....
Interior of the Reichstag (1872)
43.   Seating Plan of the Reichstag (1874)
Here is a schematic diagram of the official Reichstag seating plan during the legislative session of 1874. At the time, the Reichstag met in its ....
Seating Plan of the Reichstag (1874)
44.   A Session of the German Reichstag (1874)
This scene of a Reichstag plenary session in 1874 shows the left-liberal deputy Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch at the speaker’s podium. Bismarck can be seen at left, as can Helmuth von Moltke, who stands....
<I>A Session of the German Reichstag</i> (1874)
45.   A South-German View of Liberal Capitulation (April 1868)
South German liberals, who looked at the North German Confederation from the outside in 1868, were unimpressed by the compromises struck between Bismarck and the National....
 A South-German View of Liberal Capitulation (April 1868)
46.   National Liberal Leaders (1878)
National Liberal leaders depicted in this woodcut of 1878 are (top row, left to right): Wilhelm Wehrenpfennig, Eduard Lasker, Heinrich von Treitschke, and Johannes Miquel; (bottom row, left to right):....
National Liberal Leaders (1878)
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