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21.   Wilhelm Leibl, Peasants in Conversation / The Village Politicians [Bauern im Gespräch / Die Dorfpolitiker] (1877)
Wilhelm Leibl (1844-1900) originally planned to title this painting Latest News. As he wrote....
Wilhelm Leibl, <i>Peasants in Conversation / The Village Politicians</i> [<i>Bauern im Gespräch / Die Dorfpolitiker</i>] (1877)
22.   Wilhelm Leibl, Three Women in Church [Drei Frauen in der Kirche] (1882)
This painting by Wilhelm Leibl (1844-1900) shows the artist at the peak of his creative talent; it is a masterpiece in terms of both composition and execution. Painted in oil on mahogany, it is a....
Wilhelm Leibl, <i>Three Women in Church</i> [<i>Drei Frauen in der Kirche</i>] (1882)
23.   Wilhelm Leibl, Peasant Boy [Bauernjunge] (1875)
Peasant Boy dates from a period in Wilhelm Leibl’s career that precedes his attainment of a style easily identifiable as realism. In 1869 – not long before this painting was conceived – Leibl....
Wilhelm Leibl, <i>Peasant Boy</i> [<i>Bauernjunge</i>] (1875)
24.   Fritz von Uhde, Bavarian Drummers [Bayrische Trommler] (1883)
This painting by Fritz von Uhde (1848-1911), also titled Drum Practice, was one of the artist’s first naturalistic scenes. Uhde grew up in the Kingdom of Saxony, where his father was a senior....
Fritz von Uhde, <i>Bavarian Drummers</i> [<i>Bayrische Trommler</i>] (1883)
25.   Fritz von Uhde, Little Heathland Princess [Heideprinzeßchen] (1889)
Fritz von Uhde (1848-1911) decided to paint this little girl on a large canvas measuring 140 x 111 centimeters. Seen close up and in full length, the girl projects a kind of self-confidence that....
Fritz von Uhde, <i>Little Heathland Princess</i> [<i>Heideprinzeßchen</i>] (1889)
26.   Max Liebermann, The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple [Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel] (1879)
In its original form, this painting by Max Liebermann (1847-1935) produced the greatest art scandal of the Bismarckian era. The trouble began during Munich’s First International Art Exhibition in....
Max Liebermann, <i>The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple</i> [<i>Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel</i>] (1879)
27.   Max Liebermann, The Net-Menders [Die Netzflickerinnen] (1887-89)
By the late 1880s, Max Liebermann (1847-1935) was accustomed to being attacked by art critics for the social sympathies he had been displaying for years. His first naturalist paintings from the 1870s,....
Max Liebermann, <i>The Net-Menders</i> [<i>Die Netzflickerinnen</i>] (1887-89)
28.   Hans von Marées, Oarsmen [Ruderer] (1873)
Hans von Marées (1837-87), like Arnold Böcklin and all of their fellow “German-Romans,” spent much of his career in Italy. He went back to Germany in 1871-73 and experienced the feverish “founding....
Hans von Marées, <i>Oarsmen</i> [<i>Ruderer</i>] (1873)
29.   Arnold Böcklin, Self-Portrait with Death playing the Fiddle [Selbstbildnis mit fiedelndem Tod] (1872)
Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901) was best known for his unreal, dreamlike scenes, which anticipated aspects of Surrealism while drawing heavily on classical mythology. Böcklin left his native Switzerland....
Arnold Böcklin, <i>Self-Portrait with Death playing the Fiddle</i> [<i>Selbstbildnis mit fiedelndem Tod</i>] (1872)
30.   Arnold Böcklin, Island of the Dead [Die Toteninsel] (1883)
Island of the Dead, arguably the most widely recognized of Arnold Böcklin’s (1827-1901) paintings, appeared in multiple versions. Perhaps as a way to maximize his audience, Böcklin made this....
Arnold Böcklin, <i>Island of the Dead</i> [<i>Die Toteninsel</i>] (1883)
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