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11.   Hans Ostwald, "A Moral History of the Inflation" (1931)
Witnesses to the inflation such as Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, and Elias Canetti characterized it as a witches’ Sabbath. Likewise, the journalist and writer Hans Ostwald described it as a “hellish....
12.   Hjalmar Schacht on Reparations Requirements (1931)

13.   Hjalmar Schacht, "The Colonial Question" (1931)

14.   Rolf Wagenführ on the Inflation Boom (1932)
In the face of the immense economic and social challenges of the immediate postwar period – which included the reversion to a peacetime economy, the demobilization of the members of the armed forces....
15.   Felix Gilbert on Berlin in the 1920s: The Weimar Generation (Retrospective Account, 1988)
Felix Gilbert’s mother, Cécile Mendelssohn Bartholdy, was a member of the distinguished and highly regarded Mendelssohn family. As a result, Gilbert grew up within the rarified milieu of Berlin’s....
16.   Felix Gilbert on His Decision to Become a Historian (Retrospective Account, 1988)
In this short excerpt, the well-known historian Felix Gilbert describes how his experience of revolutionary events – ones that shaped the course of German history in the twentieth century – influenced....
17.   George L. Mosse on his Berlin Childhood in the Last Years of the Weimar Republic (Retrospective Account, 2000)

18.   "Eight Hours of Work" (1928)

19.   "The Worker Longs for Rest and Relaxation" (1928)

20.   Heinrich Brüning, "“No More Reparations": Address to the National Party Committee of the German Center Party (November 5, 1931)

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