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Documents - Beginnings: War and Revolution
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11.   Arnold Brecht on his First Weeks in the Chancellery (Retrospective Account, 1966)
During an exchange of notes between Germany and the United States, it became evident that the Allies regarded the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II as a prerequisite for the suspension of hostilities.....
12.   Conditions of the Armistice with Germany (November 11, 1918)

13.   Stinnes-Legien Agreement (November 15, 1918)

14.   Friedrich Ebert, "Address to Returning Troops" (December 10, 1918)

15.   Wilhelm Groener on the Ebert-Groener Pact (Retrospective Account, 1957)

16.   Bruno Taut, Program of the "Arbeitsrat für Kunst" (1918)

17.   Betty Scholem on the Chaos of Revolution (January 1919)
On December 28, 1918, the Independent Social Democratic Party [Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands or USPD] pulled out of the Council....
18.   Arnold Brecht on his Personal Association with the Workers' Leaders (Retrospective Account, 1966)

19.   Ludwig Meidner, "To All Artists, Musicians, Poets" (January 1919)

20.   Kurt Eisner, "The Socialist Nation and the Artist" (1919)

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