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Ferdinand Freiligrath, "Hurrah, Germania!" (July 25, 1870)

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For home and hearth, for wife and child,
For all loved things that we
Are bound to keep all undefiled
From foreign ruffianry!
For German right, for German speech,
For German household ways,
For German homesteads, all and each,
Strike home through battle’s blaze!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Hurrah! Germania!

Up, Germans, up, with God! The die
Clicks loud,–we wait the throw!
Oh, who may think without a sigh,
What blood is doom’d to flow?
Yet, look thou up, with fearless heart!
Thou must, thou shalt prevail!
Great, glorious, free as ne’er thou wert,
All hail, Germania, hail!
Hurrah! Victoria!
Hurrah! Germania!

Source of English translation: Theodore S. Hamerow, ed., The Age of Bismarck: Documents and Interpretations. New York: Harper & Row, 1973, pp. 96-97.

Source of German original: Ferdinand Freiligrath, “Hurra, Germania!” (July 25, 1870), in Freiligraths Werke, ed. Paul Zaunert, revised and expanded edition, 2 vols. Leipzig and Vienna: Bibliographisches Institut, 1912, vol. 2, pp. 146-48.

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