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Oskar Panizza, The Council of Love (1895)

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First Angel: For heaven’s sake, make sure that the throne is firmly fastened down! One of the angels starts working on the throne. Other angels arrive in the meantime, bringing blankets, pillows, cushions, and similar items.

Second Angel: hops on the throne and tests it on all sides: Tight as a drum!

First Angel: speaking to the third one, who is still too shy to touch anything and who watches the whole production in astonishment: Hey you, you must tell me more about this. But now get over here with us!

The Two Older Angels: who have been standing guard at the door, come now, as above, rushing back in, waving their arms in an exaggerated fashion, with the same shouts as before: HE is coming! – HE is coming! – Coming from outside one hears flapping and shuffling noises.

Act I, Scene II

All characters from the previous scene; God the Father, an old man, very advanced in years, with silver-white hair, a beard of the same color, bright blue, watery saucer eyes, tear ducts filled with tears, head bent forward, hunchbacked, walks in wearing a long, robe-like, discolored white gown, supported by two cherubs on his left and right, coughing, clearing his chest, groping his way cumbersomely, bent forward, shuffling into the room; two angels are standing at the throne and hold him: the rest plunge to their knees, turn their heads downward, and stretch their arms out; behind God the Father is an endless entourage of angels, seraphims, door stewards, servants, all female or sexless, some with bored, everyday expressions, others with impertinent expressions, still others with anxiously concerned expressions; as well as several Merciful Sisters, clothed like nuns, medicine bottles, blankets, spittoons, and the like – they accompany God the Father cautiously to the throne, help him up over the two steps by taking hold of his legs and lifting them up, and then, at the top, they turn him around and lower him into the chair, which is decorated in the oldest Byzantine style with elaborate mosaic designs; two angels in front, two in back, and two on the sides, partially supporting him and at the same time receiving him; one last angel brings up the rear, carrying his crutches.

God the Father: sinks into the throne with a despairing, weary, coarse, expiring sigh: Oh dear! then stares, wide-eyed, in front of him, motionless and breathing hard.

All the angels, even those who had been kneeling until now, begin to rush back and forth abruptly.

Cherub: whispering in an urgent, demanding tone: The footstool!

An Angel: hurriedly brings forth the desired object: The footstool!

Cherub: placing the footstool under the feet of God the Father, again whispering in an urgent, demanding tone: The hot-water bottle!

An Angel: brings it: The hot-water bottle.

Cherub: as above: The foot-muff!

An Angel: hurriedly: The foot-muff.

Cherub: as above: The quilt!

An Angel: hurriedly brings it: The quilt.

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