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Wilhelm Frick: Cover of Ulk (February 7, 1930)

On January 23, 1930, Wilhelm Frick (1877-1946), who had received a suspended sentence for his role in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, became the first Nazi party member to hold a ministerial-level post when he was appointed Minister of the Interior and of Education [Staatsminister für Inneres und Volksbildung] in the state government of Thuringia. Winning 11.29% of the vote, the Nazis took six seats in a right-wing coalition that would come to be called the Baum-Frick government [Baum-Frick-Regierung]. Three years later, Frick was appointed Reich Minister of the Interior [Reichsminister des Innern] after Hitler came to power in January 1933. Frick and Hermann Goering (1893-1946) were the old Nazi party members appointed to Hitler’s cabinet.

In February 1930, Frick was portrayed on the cover of the German satirical magazine Ulk. The image was titled: "Two German Ministerial Chairs." The caption reads: “In Weimar, the putschist Frick is allowed to take a seat, although he belongs to a reactionary, subversive party. In Berlin, Becker the republican has to give up his seat, because he doesn’t belong to any party.”

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Wilhelm Frick: Cover of <I>Ulk</i> (February 7, 1930)

Ulk, Illustrated Weekly Magazine of Humor and Satire, February 7, 1930