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German Folk Music: The Musikantenstadl (November 16, 2006)

The Musikantenstadl, a co-production of public television stations from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, is the most successful entertainment program in the arena of German-language folk music. Since 1981 the program has been alternately broadcast from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Southern Tyrol – recently from non-German speaking foreign countries as well. The two-hour program is composed of music and short interludes. It is broadcast on Saturdays during prime time and attracts about 7 million viewers per episode in Germany alone. Folk music and German Schlager [hit tunes] remain popular to this day among the target audience of mostly senior citizens.

This photo shows “The original young Oberkrainer” as guests on the farewell tour of long-time Musikantenstadl host Karl Moik in the CCH Auditorium 1 in Hamburg. Photo: Isabel Schiffler.

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German Folk Music: The <i>Musikantenstadl</i> (November 16, 2006)

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