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1.   Friedrich Kroner, "Overwrought Nerves" (1923)
During the First World War, the lack of basic necessities and the rationing of food led to frustratingly long lines at shops. The supply problems continued after the Allied Powers lifted their blockade....
2.   Morgan Philips Price on the End of Passive Resistance in the Ruhr (1923)

3.   Betty Scholem on the Inflation (October 1923)

4.   Morgan Philips Price on Inflation and its Effects (October 18, 1923)

5.   The Dawes Report (1924)

6.   Hjalmar Schacht on the Stabilization of the Mark (Retrospective Account, 1927)

7.   Report of the Commissioner of the Reichsbank (December 10, 1928)

8.   Hilde Walter, "The Misery of the New Mittelstand" (1929)
Hilde Walter (1895-1976) was a social worker until 1918. After World War I she became a journalist in Berlin. In this article published in Die Weltb├╝hne she describes the social circumstances....
9.   Course of the Great Depression (1929-36)

10.   Betty Scholem on the Depression (August 1931)
In the second half of 1931, a banking crisis exacerbated the already dire economic situation in Germany. The bankruptcy of Nordwolle, a wool and yarn producer in Bremen, created enormous difficulties....
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