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Documents - Beginnings: War and Revolution
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1.   Adolf Hitler on the Outbreak of War in 1914 (Retrospective Account, 1925)

2.   Adolf Hitler on the November Revolution (Retrospective Account, 1925)

3.   Wilhelm Groener on Erich Ludendorff (October 12, 1918)

4.   Arnold Brecht on the Final Weeks of the War (Retrospective Account, 1966)
In September 1918, after months and years of propagating Germany’s military victories, the Supreme Army Command suddenly demanded the negotiation of an armistice with the Allies and the formation....
5.   Mudros Agreement: Armistice with Turkey (October 30, 1918)

6.   Arnold Brecht on the November Revolution (Retrospective Account, 1966)
On October 22, 1918, the Naval Command began gathering the German battle fleet in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven. Without having secured government authorization, the command decided to dispatch the....
7.   The Kiel Sailors’ Revolt: Fourteen Points Raised by the Soldiers’ Council (November 4, 1918)

8.   Appeal to the Population of Schleswig-Holstein (November 7, 1918)

9.   Bernhard von Bülow, "Revolution in Berlin" (Published Posthumously, 1931)
In this account, former Reich Chancellor Bernhard von Bülow contrasts daily life during the revolution....
10.   Kaiser Wilhelm II on his Abdication (Retrospective Account, 1922)

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