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Documents - Germany at War, 1914-1918: Privation and Ferment on the Home Front
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21.   Bethmann Hollweg on Constitutional Reform (March 1917)
By March of 1917, the growing turmoil on the left had convinced the Chancellor that some gesture toward reform was essential. In this spirit, he embraced the idea of a “new orientation” in German....
22.   Wilhelm II's "Easter Message" (April 7, 1917)
Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg’s (1856-1921) “new orientation” challenged the entrenched interests....
23.   The Majority Parties Request Parliamentary Rule (October 1917)
In the wake of the defiant “Peace Resolution” in July of 1917, the newly allied parties of Catholics, Progressives, and Majority Socialists gathered strength. This new majority was joined by the....
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