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21.   Statutes of the Pan-German League [Alldeutscher Verband] (1903)
The Pan-German League [Alldeutscher Verband] was one of the most prominent and aggressive interest groups in Wilhelmine Germany. Although other associations, including the German....
22.   The Inevitability of War: General Friedrich von Bernhardi (1912)
General Friedrich von Bernhardi’s (1849-1930) writing reflects a widespread belief among the educated, non-socialist middle classes that Germany deserved more influence and respect, in accordance....
23.   Shades of the Future?: Daniel Frymann [Heinrich Claß] (1912)
Heinrich Claß (1868-1953), writing here under the pseudonym Daniel Frymann, was chairman of the ultra-nationalist Pan-German League. A trained lawyer living in Mainz, Claß was an inveterate anti-Semite....
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