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Documents - Debates on Identity
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11.   Social Philosopher Jürgen Habermas on the Meaning of Critical Memory (November 7, 1986)
In this article, the liberal social philosopher Jürgen Habermas attacks the revisionist efforts of conservative intellectuals. He points out that the identity....
12.   Chancellor Kohl Justifies the Creation of a German Historical Museum as a Contribution to National Unity (October 28, 1987)
On the occasion of Berlin's 750th anniversary, Chancellor Helmut Kohl announces the creation of a German Historical Museum in the Western part of the city as....
13.   Erich Honecker Defends the Achievements of Socialism on the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 6, 1989)
The fortieth anniversary of the founding of the GDR provided Erich Honecker with an opportunity to celebrate the glorious achievements of socialism (increased....
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