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Documents - Part III: Section B – Reformation Agendas
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11.   Radicals vs. Protestants – An Attack on Religious Claims to Temporal Authority (1530)
One of the main points of contention between Protestants and their Anabaptist critics was the authority of secular rulers to coerce in matters of religious belief. This issue – and not the issue....
12.   Protestants vs. Radicals – A Lutheran Defends the Rights of Rulers in Religious Matters
Johannes Brenz (1499-1570) was a Swabian follower of Luther and an important reformer in his own right. His An Answer to the Memorandum on Whether Secular Government Has the Right to Wield the....
13.   Protestants and Radicals – Martin Bucer's Debate with Hessian Anabaptists (1538)
The following text recounts a face-to-face disputation between the Strasbourg reformer Martin Bucer (1491-1551) and the spokesmen of the Anabaptists in the landgraviate of Hesse. The exchange stands....
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