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Documents - The Austrian Habsburg Empire
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1.   Archduke Joseph II, "Political Daydreams" [Rêveries politiques] (1763)
Originally written in French, the following is an early confidential essay by the future Emperor Joseph....
2.   Wenzel Anton Kaunitz-Rietberg, "Most Graciously Commissioned Report on the Improvement of the Domestic System" for Maria Theresa (April 14, 1773)
The following is an excerpt from an unpublished manuscript of nearly 250 pages. Chancellor Wenzel Anton....
3.   Emperor Joseph II, Instructions to all State Officials on the Principles Governing the Fulfillment of their Duties (December 13, 1783)
Celebrated in public opinion as Joseph’s “Pastoral Letter” [Hirtenbrief], this long-winded statement demanded of the state servant, in a religion-suffused discourse, “a warm soul for the best....
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