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Demonstration at the Second Meeting between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph (May 21, 1970)
Supporters and opponents of East Germany demonstrate on the occasion of the second meeting between Chancellor Willy Brandt and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR Willi Stoph on May 21, 1970. Whereas the first meeting took place in the GRD (Erfurt), the second was held in Kassel (West Germany). International recognition of the GDR by the Federal Republic and Bonn’s policy of reunification were leading points on the agenda. The hand-written sign in the foreground is critical of the East German regime: "365 deaths at the Wall and [border] since 1961." But the sign behind it, printed by the German Communist Party (DKP), aims its criticism at the Federal Republic. The sign features a picture of Brandt and Stoph, who shake hands underneath the headline: “And what now?" The text continues below: "He who says A, must also say B! International recognition of the GDR." Photo by Hanns Hubmann.