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Poster for Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar (1923)
The first Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar was held from July through September 1923. The exhibition poster was designed by Joost Schmidt (1893-1948), a talented sculpture student who went on to become a Bauhaus teacher and head of the printing and advertising workshop. His design reflects the Bauhaus’ focus on new typography as well as the influence of his teacher Oskar Schlemmer. The exhibition functioned not only as a showcase for the school’s teaching and achievements but also as a report to the local government, which provided the school’s funding. From the very moment of its founding in 1919, the Bauhaus was the target of suspicion and criticism from conservative and right-wing local politicians – a situation that eventually led to the closure of the Weimar facility and the school’s move to Dessau in 1925. Color lithograph by Joost Schmidt.