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Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann Addresses the General Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva (September 10, 1926)
Germany’s entry into the League of Nations had been one of the major discussion points at the Locarno treaty negotiations. The main problem regarding Germany’s entry into the League was the question of Poland’s admittance as a permanent League Council member. Whereas France was committed to Polish entry, Germany saw it as an obstacle to the hoped-for revisions of its eastern borders, which had been determined by the Treaty of Versailles. After lengthy negotiations, the question was finally resolved by an agreement whereby Poland was admitted as a non-permanent member of the League Council with the right of re-election at the end of a three-year term. Germany was granted permanent representation on the League Council, and this, together with the Treaty of Locarno, returned it to a position of parity with the other European powers.