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Jutta Limbach Opens the Exhibition "Fifty Years of the Basic Law" (April 29, 1999)
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Basic Law, the German Bar Association and the Center for Political Education organized a traveling exhibition entitled “In the Best Constitution?! Fifty Years of the Basic Law.” Its first stop was the Federal Constitutional Court [Bundesverfassungsgericht or BVG] in Karlsruhe, where BVG president Jutta Limbach (photo) officially opened the exhibition on April 29, 1999. In addition to portraying the roots of the democratic constitutional tradition in Germany, the show examined the post-1945 occupation period and the work of the Parliamentary Council. Furthermore, it charted the development of constitutional norms and constitutional realities by examining important debates, like those on rearmament, the Spiegel Affair, and the Emergency Laws. The exhibition also focused on the Federal Constitutional Court, federalism, and unification. This photograph shows Limbach in front of a display illustrating the court's two senates. The crucifix in the background is a reference to the court's 1995 “crucifix ruling,” which examined the relationship between church and state. Photo: Uli Deck.