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Prince Eugene of Savoy and his General Staff at the Battle of Zenta on September 11, 1697 (1712)
Prince Eugene of Savoy (1633-1736) achieved legendary status in the Great Turkish War (1683-99), which began with the near collapse of Vienna but ended in triumph for the imperial and Polish armies. Acting as commander-in-chief of the imperial troops, Eugene won a decisive victory against the Turks at the Battle of Zenta (in present-day Serbia) in 1697. This laid the ground for the Peace of Karlowitz (1699), which saw most of Hungary, as well as Transylvania and Slavonia, shift from Ottoman to Habsburg control. This depiction of the Battle of Zenta is from a series of paintings commemorating Eugene’s various battles across Europe. Eugene eventually played a crucial leading role in another Turkish campaign, the Austro-Turkish War of 1716-18. Painting by Jan van Huchtenburgh (1647-1733), 1712.