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Two Soldiers (June 7, 1915)
This photograph was probably taken by an amateur photographer and sent to the Photo Headquarters in Stuttgart, where it was developed and made into a postcard – a common practice when the amateur photographer did not have a darkroom available on location.

The postcard reads as follows:

7. June 1915 (Postmark June 7, 1915)

Dear Nurse Christine!
After a long pause, you, too, finally receive a sign of life from me, but in the field there is never much time to write. Thus, kindly excuse me. Here, a small photo with my good buddy, with whom I have already shared happiness and suffering and also a comradely bite to eat. And as the oldest in the battalion, we still feel anywhere from good to spry. Warm greetings from your cousin Ulrich Roller.

Lance-Corporal Roller, Military Transport Driver