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Himmler Announces the Closure of a Jewish Shop in Munich – the Proprietor had been Transported to Dachau (May/June 1933)
The "Jewish Boycott" of April 1, 1933, was a failure for the National Socialists in many respects. The general public did not greet the boycott with the enthusiasm sought by the regime; rather, the majority of the public viewed the boycott with disinterest or disdain. For the moment, the Nazi leadership dropped plans for further boycotts and proceeded to harass Jews in other ways. When Hitler took office in January 1933, there were about 50,000 Jewish-owned small businesses in Germany; by November 1938 only a quarter remained.

This notice was posted on the door of a Jewish shop in Munich. It reads: "Shop closed by the police on account of price gouging. Proprietor in protective custody in Dachau. The Commander of the Bavarian Political Police. Signed Himmler."