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Hitler Youth on the Occasion of the Referendum on the Merging of the Offices of Reich President and Reich Chancellor (August 19, 1934)
By the summer of 1933, Hitler had destroyed the constitutional, parliamentary, and federalist bases of the Weimar Republic and had created the basic structure of his Nazi dictatorship. He had combined the legislative and executive powers in his own person, and had largely brought the judiciary under his control as well. Hindenburg was becoming increasing feeble in both mind and body, and no longer exerted any significant influence on him. After the aged Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, there was nothing to prevent Hitler from ruling alone. On the preceding day, Hitler's cabinet had already decided to merge the offices of Reich President and Reich Chancellor, a move confirmed by a referendum on August 19, 1934. From that point on, Hitler bore the title "F├╝hrer and Chancellor of the Reich."