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Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler with his Cabinet (January 30, 1933)
Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen (second from right) was under the illusion that he could tame and control Hitler (seventh from left). Papen believed that a cabinet consisting chiefly of national-conservative politicians would be able to restrict Hitler's room for maneuver. Aside from Hitler, only two National Socialists belonged to the new government: Wilhelm Frick (seventh from right, wearing a swastika) as Reich Minister of the Interior, and Hermann Göring (eighth from left) as minister without portfolio and as acting Prussian Minister of the Interior. The photo also shows Joseph Goebbels (fifth from left), whom Hitler would name Minister of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda on March 13, 1933. Papen was so confident about the political dominance of the cabinet’s conservative majority that he was heard saying, "Within two months we'll have pushed Hitler so far into the corner that he'll squeak." Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann.