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Weekly Rations (October 1918)
The German populace suffered from extensive deprivation during the war, as the British blockade and the demands of the army resulted in severe shortages of food supplies at home. Here one sees the weekly rations for the homefront in October 1918. Quantities were limited to: 50 g. (1.8 oz.) of meat, 57 g. (2 oz.) of fat, 25 g. (.9 oz.) of butter, 5 lb. (5.5 American lbs.) of bread, 125 g. (4.4 oz.) of legumes, 250 g. (.6 lb.) of flour, 4-5 lb. (4.4-5.5 American lbs.) of potatoes, 1 lb. (1.1 American lbs.) of marmalade, ½ liter (1 pint) of milk, and 1 g. (.04 oz.) of sugar.