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The Max Kade Foundation
    Dr. Max Kade

The German Historical Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of the Max Kade Foundation, New York. The foundation was endowed by Dr. Max Kade (1882-1967), a native of Schwäbisch Hall, who immigrated to New York in 1905. After a successful career as a pharmaceutical researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Kade turned toward philanthropy.

Since 1944, the Max Kade Foundation has promoted the study of both German and German-American history, and has worked more generally to increase understanding between the people of Germany and the United States. The foundation has funded diverse educational initiatives in both Germany and America.
It has established libraries and centers for German studies at several universities.
It has also endowed numerous scholarships, professorships, and exchange programs. The Max Kade Foundation continues to take a leading role in promoting
German studies and transatlantic exchange through its support of new initiatives
like German History in Documents and Images (GHDI).