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Peace and Human Rights (1986)

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This makes it clear to us that any hope of working toward a joint seminar in the present group is illusory. Therefore we have come to the following conclusions:

We declare:

• that the preparation of a human rights seminar, in particular, requires democratic conduct and organizational structures. The moral integrity of those involved is a prerequisite for working together in a trusting relationship. Dirty tricks cannot be tolerated.
• that, for us, this subject is an integral part of peace work, and we want to continue to work toward this end;
• that our political responsibility forces us to stop participating in this preparation committee as of the present meeting.
• that we intend to organize a seminar in Berlin and we invite anyone interested to help organize it. One possible theme is: “Human rights – the individual and society.”

The following subjects could be addressed as part of this:

• different ideas of democracy and other forms of rule (e.g., grassroots, commissar republic, pre-bourgeois, bourgeois, and socialist democracies);
• development and differentiation of legal terms
• experience with socialist law and social practice in the GDR
• questions of concrete solidarity

This is not a firm program, but instead is open for any subject-related modifications.
This paper is intended for use in the GDR.

Signed: Vera and Knud Wollenberger, Silvia Müller, Thomas Klein, Reinhard Schult, and Wolfgang Wolf

Source: „Sprecher der Initiative ‚Frieden und Menschenrechte’ (Menschenrechtsseminar)“ [“Spokesperson for the ‘Peace and Human Rights’ Initiative (Human Rights Seminar)”] and „Erklärung zur Vorbereitung eines Seminars ‚Frieden und Menschenrechte’“ [“Explanation of Preparations for the ‘Peace and Human Rights Seminar’”]; reprinted in Wolfgang Rüddenklau, ed., Störenfried. DDR-Opposition in Texten 1986-1989 [Troublemaker. The GDR Opposition in Texts 1986-1989]. Berlin, 1992, pp. 56-57.

Translation: Allison Brown

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