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The Green Party Program at the Federal Level (1981)

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Based on natural laws and, in particular, on the awareness that no infinite growth is possible within a finite system, ecological policies mean understanding ourselves and our environment as part of nature. Human life, like all life, is tied to the regulating cycles of ecosystems. Our actions intervene in these systems and have an effect on us. We cannot destroy the stability of ecosystems.

In particular, ecological policies totally reject an economy based on the abuse and exploitation of our natural materials and resources, and [they reject] destructive intervention in the cycles of the natural environment. We are firmly convinced that the exploitation of nature and humanity by human beings must be opposed in order to confront acute and serious threats to life.

Our policies manifest an active partnership with nature and humanity. They can best succeed in self-determined and self-sufficient, transparent economic and administrative units. We advocate an economic system that is oriented toward the vital needs of human beings and future generations, toward nature and the sparing use of natural resources. Our politics promote a society that is democratic, one in which human relationships – both with each other and with nature – will be approached with ever-greater awareness.

In order to implement such changes in the face of existing power relations, there needs to be a political movement grounded in human solidarity, democracy, and the rejection of achievement-based and hierarchical thinking that is determined by competition and hostile to life itself. These social and economic changes can only be achieved in a democratic manner and with the support of a majority of the population.

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