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Young Socialists Criticize the SPD's Lack of a Strategy vis-à-vis the Ecology Movement (1979)

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With respect to the Bundestag election, the actual potential of the Greens/Alternatives under the same conditions that prevailed in 1980 (Strauß candidacy) is a maximum of 3.5 percent. The chance that the Greens/Alternatives could get seats in the Bundestag is extraordinarily low. This is the case regardless of whether they run on one or more lists.

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The segment of the more conservative Greens that will definitely run is negligible. They can no longer be reached through arguments anyway. The same applies for the communist-oriented cadre. Both groups are so caught up in their own ideologies that they will definitely run in the next Bundestag election, without any consideration for the social repercussions. They need to be confronted with an argument that makes it clear that their candidacies objectively support Strauß’s cause.

An open dialogue needs to be started with the left-socialist forces. This dialogue cannot deal exclusively with the issues of nuclear energy and the political democracy, but needs to cover the entire spectrum of domestic and foreign policy issues. They need to be asked specifically about the issue of asserting their demands and their relationship to the organized workers’ movement (trade unions).

It goes without saying that the SPD must carry on this discussion openly. It cannot be a matter simply of justifying government policy. When the SPD represents controversial positions relative to those of the alternative movement, then they must be explained. Denouncing the movement is senseless. It is substantively wrong and creates solidarity where differentiation is the dictate of the hour.

The dialogue with left-socialist forces among the Greens/Alternatives can only be credible if led by the Young Socialists [SPD youth organization]. The demonstration by 150,000 opponents of nuclear power in Bonn has shown that the Young Socialists are not just a minor part of this movement. There is a great degree of common ground between the Young Socialists and the left-socialist forces in this movement. This opens up opportunities for discussion.

The proposed solidarity dialogue with the left-socialist forces within the movement of Greens/Alternatives carries with it the risk of fraying the Young Socialist organization. The “party founders” in the movement will try to win over as many as possible of the Young Socialists who are disappointed with government policies.

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