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Bulletins from the Front I (1914)

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3. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 208, September 9, 1914:

Berlin, 9 September (WTB) [Wolff Telegraph Service]: The Berliner Tageblatt has received reports from Paris via Rotterdam that a general battle is presently underway near Paris. It is said that the French left flank has met the German right flank. English troops are also said to be participating in the attack on the German army.

According to the Messagero, the large battle reported on by the French government is taking place southeast of Paris. In the city, guns and artillery can be heard from this direction.

4. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 210, September 11, 1914:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service]. General Headquarters, September 10. East of Paris, German army divisions that advanced to and across the Marne in pursuit of the enemy have been attacked by superior forces from Paris and between Meaux-Montmirail. In two days of heavy fighting they have checked the enemy and have themselves made progress. When the advance of strong enemy columns was reported, one flank was ordered to retreat. The enemy did not follow at any point.

It has been reported that so far fifty enemy guns and several thousand prisoners of war have been captured as battle spoils.

Those parts of the army fighting to the west of Verdun are engaged in continuous battle.

In Lorraine and the Vosges the situation remains unchanged. At the eastern front the battle has resumed.

5. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 214, September 16, 1914:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service]. Berlin, September 16, 12:24 am. General Headquarters reported on the evening of September 15 that the battles that have been going on for two days on the right flank of our western army spread today to the armies to the east, all the way to Verdun. In parts of the extended battlefield, German weapons achieved some partial successes. In general, the battle continues.

6. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 215, September 17, 1914:

WTB. [Wolff Telegraph Service], Berlin, September 17, 1914, 12:30 am. Official. General Headquarters reported on the evening of September 16: The situation on the western front has not changed since yesterday. At some places on the battlefront, French attacks were fended off during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday and during the course of Wednesday. Individual German counterattacks were successful.

7. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 216, September 18, 1914:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], Berlin, September 18, 1914, 1:35 am (official). General Headquarters reported on the evening of September 17: The battle fought between Oise and Maas has still not been decided. There are certain signs, however, that the enemy’s ability to resist is beginning to wane. A breakthrough attempted by the French with great bravura on the far right flank ran aground on its own, without any great effort from our troops. The middle of the German army is slowly but surely gaining ground. Sorties attempted from Verdun on the right bank of the Maas were easily fended off.

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