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Images - Politics II: Parties and Political Mobilization
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31.   First Election News (1881)
This scene outside a Berlin print-shop shows avid newspaper readers eager to discover and discuss the latest election results. Entitled “Reichstag Election on October 27, 1881,” the woodcut is based....
First Election News (1881)
32.   Wilhelm Leibl, The Newspaper Reader [Der Zeitungsleser] (1891)
The artist Wilhelm Leibl (1844-1900) dedicated himself to painting realistic but sensitive portrayals of everyday life in rural Germany. This painting shows an older peasant reading the Münchner....
Wilhelm Leibl, <i>The Newspaper Reader</i> [<i>Der Zeitungsleser</i>] (1891)
33.   Emil Schwabe, Unresolved Questions [Ungelöste Fragen] (1887)
This painting is by Emil Schwabe (1856-1904), who studied art at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art but made his career mainly in Berlin. The figure in the center of this canvas is likely a liberal journalist....
Emil Schwabe, <i>Unresolved Questions</i> [<i>Ungelöste Fragen</i>] (1887)
34.   From Berlin Election Rallies [Aus Berliner Wahlversammlungen] (February 22, 1890)
This montage illustrates typical scenes from the last Reichstag election campaign fought under the Socialist Law, during the winter of 1889-90. It was published just two days after the main ballot....
<I>From Berlin Election Rallies</i> [<I>Aus Berliner Wahlversammlungen</i>] (February 22, 1890)
35.   Last Moments of an Election Battle [Die letzten Augenblicke einer Wahlschlacht] (c. 1890)
Based on a painting by Christian Ludwig Bokelmann (1844-94), this woodcut depicts a Reichstag voter’s moment of decision – the instant just before he enters the polling station when he must choose....
<i>Last Moments of an Election Battle</i> [<i>Die letzten Augenblicke einer Wahlschlacht</i>] (c. 1890)
36.   Ferdinand Lindner, An Electoral Philistine – The Doubtful Voter [Ein Wahlphilister – Der verunsicherte Wähler] (c. 1890)
A Reichstag voter is dismayed by the range of parties for whom he might cast his ballot. His choice is made more difficult still by the quantity of printed materials outlining the parties’ platforms....
Ferdinand Lindner, <i>An Electoral Philistine – The Doubtful Voter</i> [<i>Ein Wahlphilister – Der verunsicherte Wähler</i>] (c. 1890)
37.   At the Court of Kaiser Wilhelm I (1879)
This copy of Adolph Menzel's 1879 painting Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Circle at Court [Cercle am Hof Kaiser Wilhelms I.] is by Joachim Tietze.
At the Court of Kaiser Wilhelm I (1879)
38.   Kaiser Wilhelm I and Bismarck in Conversation (1887)
Bismarck often discussed state policy with Kaiser Wilhelm I in the latter’s corner office in the royal palace, as can be seen in this painting by Konrad von Siemenroth (1854-1915).
Kaiser Wilhelm I and Bismarck in Conversation (1887)
39.   Royal Hunting Expedition (1887)
This photograph by Fritz Leyde shows a royal hunting expedition (and its kill) in 1887, one year before the death of Kaiser Wilhelm I. The Kaiser is in conversation with Marshal of the Court Count....
Royal Hunting Expedition (1887)
40.   Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Last Public Appearance (March 3, 1888)
Kaiser Wilhelm I greets a Berlin crowd from the window of the royal palace shortly before his death on March 9, 1888. The photograph is by Sophus Williams.
Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Last Public Appearance (March 3, 1888)
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