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Berlin Fashion, after a drawing by Jeanne Mammen (1923)

Jeanne Mammen (1890-1976) was a Berlin-born artist and graphic illustrator whose work helped define the city during the Weimar era. In the 1920s, she designed film posters for UFA (Universum Film AG) and published her work in fashion periodicals and popular satirical magazines such as Simplicissimus, Ulk and Uhu. Her primary subject was women, whom she depicted in a variety of contexts and styles. Her oeuvre included portraits of stylish and socially assimilated garçonnes and flappers, as well as explicit illustrations of prostitutes and women in Berlin’s lesbian bars. Her racier scenes appeared in The Guide to “Naughty” Berlin [Führer durch das “lasterhafte” Berlin] (1930) and in Magnus Hirschfeld’s Moral History of the Post-War Period [Sittengeschichte der Nachkriegszeit] (1931). The fashion print below, after a drawing by Mammen, appeared in Die Modenschau in 1923.

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<i>Berlin Fashion</i>, after a drawing by Jeanne Mammen (1923)

© Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz / Kunstbibliothek, SMB / Knud Petersen