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Jena Peace Community [Friedensgemeinschaft] (May 19, 1983)

On March 18, 1983, around 30 members of the Jena Peace Community took part in a demonstration to commemorate the bombing of Jena during the Second World War. Security forces attacked the protestors and destroyed their homemade posters. In the course of “Operation Counterstrike,” the Stasi systematically crushed the Jena Peace Community: 40 people who had applied for permission to travel abroad were expelled to the Federal Republic. Just one day after the start of the Stasi operation, members of the Peace Community joined a Free German Youth demonstration against NATO armament policies, again displaying their own posters. In this photograph, Stasi and police forces try to seize a poster from Peace Community member Roland Jahn. In June 1983, Jahn was deported to the West against his will.

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Jena Peace Community [<i>Friedensgemeinschaft</i>] (May 19, 1983)

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