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21.   Guidelines of the German Center Party (1922)
A founding member of the “Weimar Coalition,” the Catholic Center....
22.   Heinrich Mann, "Speech Given at the Celebration of the Constitution at the Dresden Staatsoper" (August 11, 1923)

23.   Law for the Protection of the Republic (1922)

24.   Matthias Erzberger's Death (1921)

25.   NSDAP Party Program (1920)
An extreme right-wing political movement, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party [Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, or NSDAP] emerged after Germany’s defeat in World War I. Founded....
26.   Oscar Müller, "The People and the Vote" (January 20, 1919)

27.   Platform of the Communist Party (1930)

28.   Platform of the German Democratic Party (1919)
A progressive liberal party, the German Democratic Party [Deutsche Demokratische Partei, or DDP) was....
29.   Platform of the Social Democratic Party (1921)
At the advent of the Weimar Republic, the Social Democratic Party of Germany [Sozialdemokratische Partei,....
30.   Principles of the German National People's Party (1920)

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