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Documents - Policies Regarding Gender Equality
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11.   Marie-Elisabeth Lüders (FDP) on the Petition by the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Fulda (February 1953)
The liberal FDP politician Marie-Elisabeth Lüders rejected the Conference....
12.   Law on the Equality of Men and Women in the Area of Civil Law (June 18, 1957)
The changing role of women in postwar society paved the way for gender equality not only in the GDR but in the Federal Republic as well. In 1957, the relevant article in the Basic Law of 1949 was....
13.   Federal Minister Franz-Josef Wuermeling on the Task of Family Policy (1958)
The family policy measures implemented by two totalitarian regimes – the National Socialists in the 1930s and 1940s, and the East German Communist government in the 1950s – helped discredit state-controlled....
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