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The Beginning of the Heimat-Film Boom: Dream Couple Sonja Ziemann and Rudolf Prack (1951)
The "fresh air films" of director Hans Deppe – Black Forest Lass (1950) and Green is the Heath (1951) – led the wave of Heimat-films (i.e., sentimental films featuring particular regional landscapes and cultures that did not confront the Nazi past) in West Germany in the 1950s. Green is the Heath, a remake of a film from 1932, was the most financially successful film of the postwar decade. Nineteen million West Germans had seen it by 1959, and it had a successful run abroad, as well. Sonja Ziemann and Rudolf Prack, the dream couple from Black Forest Lass, were on screen together again. The film premiered in Hanover on November 14, 1951. The film still below shows Ziemann and Prack. Source: Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin.