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From the Dada Almanach (1920)
Dada was the first in a long line of 20th-century art movements that mixed speculation and provocation and cried out against the violence and repressiveness of contemporary society and conventional art forms. Dada works expressed the despair and devastation brought on by the violence of World War I and attracted followers from all across the continent. The photograph of the Berlin Dada Exhibition of 1920 shows some of the participating artists and their work: (from left to right) Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971), Hannah Höch (1889-1978), Dr. Otto Burchard (gallerist), Johannes Baader (1875-1955), Wieland Herzfelde (1896-1988), his wife, Dr. Oz , George Grosz (1893-1959), and John Heartfield (1891-1968).