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Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz as Seen from Café Josty (c. 1930)
Café Josty was one of the most popular cafes on Potsdamer Platz. In his book on 1920s Berlin, Spazieren in Berlin (1929), Franz Hessel wrote: "The Josty corner will remain part of the old times for a while. But going up on the other side of Bellevuestrasse – for now behind a high, poster-covered wall – is something very new, a department store with a Parisian name. Will it be as nice as [Alfred] Messel's masterpiece behind the foliage over on Leipziger Platz – the Wertheim House? Bellevuestrasse, which we can still glimpse, is becoming more and more a “Rue La Boëtie” of Berlin.”