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A Swarm of Media in Front of the Rütli School in Berlin (March 31, 2006)
In 2006, the Rütli School in Berlin's Neukölln district became the focus of German media attention for months. The interest was prompted by an open letter from the school’s teachers, who apparently could no longer cope with the growing violence, their students' lack of prospects, and the large number of immigrant students with poor German-language skills. The teachers were at the end of their rope, and some even felt physically threatened during work. The school requested police protection in order to ensure that classes could be held, and officers agreed to talk to students about the escalation of the alleged violence.

This photo shows a swarm of media in front of the Rütli School on March 31, 2006. Although the problems were indeed serious, many observers felt that the precariousness of the situation had been exaggerated. Photo: Miguel Villagran.