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ATTAC Protest against Agenda 2010 (August 14, 2003)
In 1998, the “Association pour une taxation des transactions financières pour l'aide aux citoyens” (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions to Aid Citizens, ATTAC) was founded in France. Its goal was to introduce a tax on international financial transactions, the so-called Tobin tax. ATTAC has since evolved into an international network that campaigns against “neoliberal globalization” and supports the regulation of financial markets. A German branch was founded in 2000. In a spectacular protest against Chancellor Schröder’s Agenda 2010 and its planned cuts in social spending, ATTAC staged a symbolic “hanging of the social welfare state” (photo) on August 14, 2003, in Berlin. An ATTAC activist dressed as the “social welfare state” suspended himself from the Willy Brandt House (SPD party headquarters) and dangled in the air with a fake noose around his neck and a shackle on his ankle that read “Agenda 2010.” Photo: Wolfgang Kumm.