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Environmental Library (1987)
On the night of November 24-25, 1987, employees of the Ministry for State Security (also known as the Stasi) accompanied by a state attorney, occupied the Environmental Library, confiscated all its printers and copies of the magazine Environmental Pamphlets, and arrested seven members of the library staff, including Wolfgang Rüddenklau and Bert Schlegel. The arrests prompted an overwhelming show of solidarity with the Environmental Library, both within the GDR and abroad, and the SED regime was forced to abandon its position. This picture shows Johanna (actually Annette) Kalex (center), a member of the independent Dresden opposition group Wolf’s Coat [Wolfspelz], at a vigil at the Church of Zion. Kalex was among the many who turned out to protest the Stasi operation. Photo by Ann-Christine Jansson.