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Nathan Hirschl, Head of the Jewish Community in Prague, Stereotypical Anti-Semitic Depiction (c. 1714)
This caricature appeared in II Callotto resuscitato od. neu eingerichtes Zwerchen Cabinet [II Callotto resuscitato or Newly Furnished Cabinet of Dwarfs]. Published in Augsburg around 1714, the book featured grotesquely overdrawn dwarfs engaged in a variety of follies. The figures pilloried various nations, professional and ethnic groups, authorities, and fashions. Drawing on a host of established stereotypes, the engraving below takes aim at the Jews. It depicts a fictional character identified as “Nathan Hirschl the poshest of the Prague Jews, the puppet master acknowledged by Hebrew law, in his school uniform.” [“Natan Hirschl der Pragerische Judenschafft Primas, und deß häbraischen Gesatzes approbierter Püpen=maister, in seinem Schulkleydt.”] The text describes him as a “rogue … who finds his greatest happiness in deceit” [“a Schelm … ter suchet in betrug und list sein gröstes glückh”]. He is denounced for fraudulent business practices, for which “the devil shall take him” [“der Teiffl wird [ihn] houln”]. Copperplate engraving by Elias Bäck (1679-1747), from II Callotto resuscitato od. neu eingerichtes Zwerchen Cabinet, Augsburg, c. 1714.